Sakshi Shinghal
Sakshi is a 4th year Genetics and Genome Biology Student, minoring in Computer Science. She's interested how we can solve more complex biological problems harassing computational power. She plans to pursue a PhD in population genetics after graduation. She has worked on both wet and dry lab projects, and is current working in Professor Nicholas Provart's lab to help build a gene visualisation tool which will allow researchers to display their information visually in an accessible way. When she's not in lab you can probably find her counting fish under the sea.
Rachel Woo
Rachel is a student of Bioinformatics at UofT. Her fourth-year project at the Provart Lab consists of helping create a tool to display and explore gene regulatory networks. Rachel is passionate about the user experience, data visualization and evolutionary biology.
Ida Liu
Ida is a 3rd year Mathematics and Statistics student. She spent her summer building a Python package for genomic analysis, and has joined Provart Lab to do more computational biology! She is working on the pathway viewer in ePlant (, which generates visualizations of biological pathways. In her spare time, she likes to learn about new technologies, hopefully contribute to more open source projects and eating lots of good food!
Wen Kai Cao
I am a third year Bioinformatics and Computational biology student. My project at Provart Lab is to implement an interspecies nsSNPs viewer. I am willing to try new kinds of food as new technologies. I want to unzip the myth under the gene.
Bruno Pereira
Bruno is a student in the Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Specialist program at U of T. His third-year project at the Provart Lab involves helping develop a web-based gene regulatory network viewer for A. Thaliana. Aside from biology and coding, he is interested in music, football, and the game of Go.
YueXin Yu
Yuexin is a 4th year Bioinformatic and Computational Biology undergraduate in University of Toronto, minor in Mathematics. Her fourth-year project in Provart's lab is to build a protein-ligand docking function webserver with heat map result visualization. She is interested in data analysis and computational biology. LinkedIn

Wet Lab Students

Shiza Shaikh
Wet-lab undergraduate student.
Manal Choudhry
Wet-lab undergraduate student.